Thanyapura integrative health center in individualised care, offering a comprehensive range of traditional treatments lead by certified health professionals, specifically designed for lifestyle modification to help you meet your goals.

Weight Loss & Nutrition

Detox & Rejuvenation

Stress & Relaxation

Hormone Balance

Medical Centre
From nutritional workshops, yoga and meditation classes to rehabilitation sessions and traditional medical treatments.  Thanyapura’s personalised treatments and qualified, friendly healthcare professionals will help guide you on your path to a healthier sustainable lifestyle.

Advanced Diagnostics

Our medical professionals use a wide set of advanced diagnostic tests and technologies to help reveal a comprehensive view of your own specific state of health.


Personalised Treatment Programs

Your treatment plan is tailored to fit your own specific health goals, using your diagnostic results and medical history to build a comprehensive immediate and long term treatment plan.


Qualified Medical Professionals

Our medical team are qualified, certified and experienced medical practitioners dedicated to helping build your treatment plan, giving you confidence and support to meet your lifestyle goals.

Thanyapura integrative health center offers one of the most comprehensive selections of in-house medical treatments and services in Asia, all personalised specifically for you by our qualified medical professionals.

Free Lecture by Stefano Beconcini

Chronic Muscle Pain


Every Friday, 3pm – 4pm
Starts from 15th Dec 2017 till 2nd Feb 2018
Venue: Wellness Studio 2
*Available with limited seats


We are proud to have a dedicated team of medical specialists at Thanyapura integrative health center covering all key areas of Health & Wellbeing to help you optimise your life.  All of our medical practitioners are licensed and accredited professionals with extensive experience in their fields.

Thanyapura Phuket Health Center


Our specialist team have put together a variety of Health Packages to help you reach your health goal. Each Health Package groups together some of our vast selection of treatments, workshops and classes to suit your personalised needs.

All packages start with a comprehensive consultation with our medical professionals and may be customised further to your medical profile.

5, 13, 29 Nights Weight Loss Programs

Our Weight Loss programs starts with a one on one consultation with one of our medical and nutrition experts. A plan is tailored specially for you and we will teach how to maintain a healthier sustainable lifestyle.

4, 9, 13 Nights Detox Programs

Every health package starts with a one 2 one private consultation with our doctor.  Based on this, your treatments are personalised to ensure maximum effect based on your current condition.

4, 9, 13 Nights Health Ageing Programs

Thanyapura’s Healthy Aging Program includes a personalised nutrition program designed to support your dietary needs to maintain optimum function. You can choose from 6 food programs or juice fasting programs to help you achieve your goal.

4, 9, 13 Nights Hormone Programs

Thanyapura’s Rehabilitation Program is designed for individuals that suffer from acute or chronic injuries, and post-surgical states like lumbar or cervical diskectomy, joint replacement, and shoulder and knee conditions including rotator cuff, meniscus and ligament repair.

Coolsculpting Services

Treatment to Transformation is the holistic CoolSculpting® approach that helps you achieve your fat reduction goals through a personalised treatment plan.

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Medical Center Clinic Hours

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Certified Visiting Medical Practitioners

  • Dr. Eknapa Namsirikul
    Dr. Eknapa Namsirikul USA Certified Instructor for Samitivej Hospital

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